The End of the Road

Hey everyone, it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve blogged! Because, well, life. So let me re-e-wind a little back to 2017. After deciding to get one of our children into school to do their GCSEs, before you know it, one thing led to another and hey, they’re all in school (except the baby, baby). Was homeschooling right for us? Yes. Is putting them into school right for us now? Yes! The Mrs is ready to embark on a new and exciting adventure for 2018, so things needed to change a little.

Wait…I haven’t posted about my weight loss journey. Or my new job. Or the steps I’m taking towards leaving the UK. Well there’s 3 more blog posts to come. Until then, follow me on Facebook or Twitter for more regular updates and random thoughts.

And again, thanks for reading

*I wonder if I can keep a 90s RnB feel to my posts this year 😊*



Why Do We Homeschool – UPDATE!

One of the questions we attempted to answer in Part 4 of our Why Do We Homeschool series was:

What if your kid wants to learn something that is outside your sphere of knowledge? How do you teach subjects that you don’t know/aren’t good at/never studied yourself? How does it work when they are older and when teaching gets more complex or challenging? How will you teach your teenagers their GCSE’s in all those subjects so that they can excel? In secondary school they have specialist teachers for each subject. How do you train yourself to be a specialist in each subject? At what point do you acknowledge your limitations (unless of course you are one of those people who are good at every subject) and get a personal tutor at home to teach them or at what point, if any, would you send them to secondary school? Do they still take exams or another form of assessment?

Well a year on it’s all change in the Mayers house. Our eldest is now doing his GCSEs AT SCHOOL!!!

After much prayer and deliberation, concluded that we can protect and shelter our children as much as possible (and we’ll continue to do that) but there also comes a time where it’s time to let them go, a little! Long story short, we applied to a nearby school which we felt was a perfect fit, got turned down, re-applied a few months later, and he wrote his own supporting letter explaining why he’d be a great asset to the school…and he got in! He really loves it even though it’s a really long day and you can’t eat or take naps whenever you like lol. He’s also very thankful for his education so far as he is ahead of many of his peers.

We still home educate the other children, but will be venturing to get the older ones into schools when the time is right and the opportunity arises.

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App of the Year 2016

My award for App of the Year 2016 goes to Google Photos. Free up space on your devices, awesome search abilities, photo reminders from previous years and lots of lovely little auto-created videos make this a great app for all our family. Have you tried it? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments. 

The Mayers on Premier Gospel’s Family Hour

We were invited to be interviewed for The Family Hour on Premier Gospel Radio in the UK. If you don’t normally tune in, it’s a great station with awesome presenters and good mixture of Gospel music and talk. (Listen to the live stream)
We mainly spoke about our four month adventure in St Kitts, but also covered things like large families, marriage tips and other topics!

You can listen back to the show here

It’s always really weird hearing your own voice on the radio. I wonder if regular presenters feel the same way!

Was there anything we spoke about that you’d like to know more about? Or maybe something we didn’t cover but you’d love to ask? Let us know in the comments, via Twitter or Facebook

Hello There!


Thanks for visiting. You’re probably here as me and my family were recently featured in “Britain’s Favourite Black Newspaper”, The Voice.

I remember reading it on and off over the years as my Mum and Dad often buy it and now we’re actually blessed to be featured in it! Shout out to Marcia Dixon for asking us 😊.

My blog is a mixed bag of thoughts and observations but I’ve tagged all the St Kitts related ones so when you click the St Kitts link, it shows you all the relevant posts. Shout out to my extended family, far and wide, I love you all!

Just for fun, let me know in the comment section what brought you here, or connect with us on Twitter (Phil) and Twitter (Lisa)


Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone


The best times in my life have been when I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone;

-Applied for that job that was “above” me and got it!
-Moved abroad with my family for 4 months rather than stay in the UK.
-Stepped suddenly into a career change by responding of a friend’s Facebook status.


So I just want to encourage you to do the same! Perhaps you’re not quite ready to fully step out, and that’s ok. Maybe try a few new things that stretch you to start with. I get inspiration from blogs and podcasts. I just found out my local library does online courses and free audio books [goodbye Audible]. Or ask for some suggestions from one of your inspirational friends (you MUST have at least one, right?)

Then share what you’ve done because you just might inspire someone else! It would be awesome to see more people step out of the ordinary and into something new. I know I’m happiest when I do.

Shout out to my Ninjas…you inspire me daily!

apologies for the blog break. I don’t quite have as much downtime as I did when I was on holiday 😁, but I do plan to keep this regular

Guess who’s back?

We’re back on cold and frosty UK soil! Brrrrrrrr. I’m going to be back blogging real soon, but in the meantime let me update you with how many things I’ve ticked off my list from the last post.

We’ve done pizza, and fish & chips so far. Trying to keep things healthy over here 🤔

Fast internet and constant mobile data, oh how I’ve missed thee!

And finally, life on the open road!

It’s good to be back, catch up with a few friends, re-arrange the house and all the good stuff.

Now it’s back to life…back to reality!

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