The End of the Road

Hey everyone, it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve blogged! Because, well, life. So let me re-e-wind a little back to 2017. After deciding to get one of our children into school to do their GCSEs, before you know it, one thing led to another and hey, they’re all in school (except the baby, baby). Was homeschooling right for us? Yes. Is putting them into school right for us now? Yes! The Mrs is ready to embark on a new and exciting adventure for 2018, so things needed to change a little.

Wait…I haven’t posted about my weight loss journey. Or my new job. Or the steps I’m taking towards leaving the UK. Well there’s 3 more blog posts to come. Until then, follow me on Facebook or Twitter for more regular updates and random thoughts.

And again, thanks for reading

*I wonder if I can keep a 90s RnB feel to my posts this year 😊*



Author: Philly-D

Husband, father of 7, musician, music producer. Likes peanut butter!

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