Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone


The best times in my life have been when I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone;

-Applied for that job that was “above” me and got it!
-Moved abroad with my family for 4 months rather than stay in the UK.
-Stepped suddenly into a career change by responding of a friend’s Facebook status.


So I just want to encourage you to do the same! Perhaps you’re not quite ready to fully step out, and that’s ok. Maybe try a few new things that stretch you to start with. I get inspiration from blogs and podcasts. I just found out my local library does online courses and free audio books [goodbye Audible]. Or ask for some suggestions from one of your inspirational friends (you MUST have at least one, right?)

Then share what you’ve done because you just might inspire someone else! It would be awesome to see more people step out of the ordinary and into something new. I know I’m happiest when I do.

Shout out to my Ninjas…you inspire me daily!

apologies for the blog break. I don’t quite have as much downtime as I did when I was on holiday 😁, but I do plan to keep this regular


Author: Philly-D

Husband, father of 7, musician, music producer. Likes peanut butter!

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