Living off the Land


One of the things that is noticeably different about living in St Kitts is the abundance of food that either grows nearby, or can be supplied by a neighbour (often they just bring things round for you).



So far we’ve had breadfruit, bananas, coconuts, pumpkin, starfruit, breadnuts, yam, oranges, peas and watermelon all for free!



Some veg still has dirt on it, or is shaped strangely, but organic is much more tasty. Coconut water fresh from the coconut is much nicer than anything I’ve bought from the shops.

To be continued…



  aka 4 months in St Kitts!

And it’s not really fully unplugged otherwise I wouldn’t be able to post this. But I digress.

9+ hrs in the sky, no wifi or 4G is very different for someone who’s connected pretty much all day every day. But I was prepared. I had a few news app articles and emails saved for offline viewing, and bit of music, plus there was a family to chat to and films to watch. And I slept most of the way. There was nothing to miss out on. Time, for a while stood still. I now and more convinced that this constantly connected age we live in is not healthy for us.

So even now, I’m writing about day 1 a week late. But what is late anyway…

So we’re here for a while 🌴 😊

2013 – The end of the year


This year has been amazing! So many highlights. But the overriding theme has been amazing people.

I live with 7 amazing people, and have an amazing family beyond that.

I work with amazing people.

I go to church and fellowship with amazing people.

I get to interact with amazing people on social networks.

I make music with and for amazing people.

Amazing, really!

[this is a re-titled repost of a previous post but it’s more relevant now then it was then!]

A Whole New Me Pt. 2

It’s all happening! A couple of weeks ago I caught Olympic Fever and tweeted about getting fit. Today I cycled 6 miles!

I’m not looking to compete in the next Olympics, but it would be great to run for the bus or train without missing it woefully and collapsing in a heap at the stop.

So I’ve signed up to Endomomdo to track my progress and update my Twitter and Facebook when I’m active, so if you don’t see anything for a while, give me a gentle nudge, please!

A Whole New Me Pt. 1

The locks have gone.

It’s the end of my 4 yr Locks Journey [Click for Photo Blog]

It has been fun, but all good things must come to an end.

To be honest, there’s no particular major reason for cutting them off, boredom, budget, can’t be bothered to sit still for 3-4 hours a time for a wash & re-twist all come into play.

So I need to change my avatar to this!

Now in the past, I’ve been completely bald, had various sizes of afro, cane rows, twists and locks.

What next? Any suggestions?


I just managed to Tweet a whole blog, so I’ve gathered them together and edited a little so they’re all in one place.

This time last year I said I wanted to meet more people face to face. Well I managed to make it happen and have some great memories too.

#2011highs spending time online and offline with my @The_CPC Cornerstone church family, Twitter family and Facebook family

#2011highs playing guitar at gigs with @Jacy_Mai, @MyM_Music @enquireband (Enquire)and @LisaMayersMusic at Jazz Cafe  (more please!)

#2011highs playing guitar for #InSurgery23 with @TripleOmusic, @F_M_Coeriel, @DrummerboySJ and the rest of the band. What an awesome night

#2011highs sowing, planting and harvesting our own vegetables. Hard work but really, really rewarding

#2011highs upgrading to the @htc Sensation and new iPod Touch (I was quite restrained on gadget purchases this year!)

#2011highs my youngest son’s 1st birthday and my eldest’s 10th! (not forgetting my 3 other children too!)

#2011highs producing tracks for @TripleOmusic, @KarlNova, @officialDBmusic (David B), @MsBlackMonaLisa (Kyra Simone), Niki Carless and more [see Discography]

#2011highs the #ukgospelpodcast series (thanks to @UKGospel and the rest of the team)

#2011highs my daughter’s recovery after severing the tip of her finger in a door hinge (she’s fine now). And my son’s recovery after scratching his cornea in a freak accident with a book!

And this was just a few things that happened in 2011, I wonder what 2012 has in store…