I just managed to Tweet a whole blog, so I’ve gathered them together and edited a little so they’re all in one place.

This time last year I said I wanted to meet more people face to face. Well I managed to make it happen and have some great memories too.

#2011highs spending time online and offline with my @The_CPC Cornerstone church family, Twitter family and Facebook family

#2011highs playing guitar at gigs with @Jacy_Mai, @MyM_Music @enquireband (Enquire)and @LisaMayersMusic at Jazz Cafe  (more please!)

#2011highs playing guitar for #InSurgery23 with @TripleOmusic, @F_M_Coeriel, @DrummerboySJ and the rest of the band. What an awesome night

#2011highs sowing, planting and harvesting our own vegetables. Hard work but really, really rewarding

#2011highs upgrading to the @htc Sensation and new iPod Touch (I was quite restrained on gadget purchases this year!)

#2011highs my youngest son’s 1st birthday and my eldest’s 10th! (not forgetting my 3 other children too!)

#2011highs producing tracks for @TripleOmusic, @KarlNova, @officialDBmusic (David B), @MsBlackMonaLisa (Kyra Simone), Niki Carless and more [see Discography]

#2011highs the #ukgospelpodcast series (thanks to @UKGospel and the rest of the team)

#2011highs my daughter’s recovery after severing the tip of her finger in a door hinge (she’s fine now). And my son’s recovery after scratching his cornea in a freak accident with a book!

And this was just a few things that happened in 2011, I wonder what 2012 has in store…


Author: Philly-D

Husband, father of 7, musician, music producer. Likes peanut butter!

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