What Tech Am I Using?


For this extended holiday I wanted to travel light and be disconnected yet have access to everything. Since I lost a lot of data on a faulty hard drive a few years ago, I’m now a huge fan of cloud storage. The last few months I’ve been shifting data from Dropbox…music to Google Music, photos to Google Photos, files to Google Drive (can you tell I’m a Google fan?)

I used to pay extra for the Premier Dropbox experience and still use it for its powerful folder sharing capabilities, but Google pretty much has everything covered.

Device wise I went for my personal power combo of the HTC One M9, Asus Zenwatch and Apple iPad. No laptop or desktop device apart from a really old laptop I managed to install Lubuntu on before it stopped working.

And I’ve been able to work, create, communicate and consume! Aside from a dodgy iPad screen which has now been replaced I’ve actually been able to do everything I need to.

Which gives me a bit of a dilemma when I get back to the UK. Which device to get next? The list is endless but I’m leaning towards an Apple device.

So over to my readers, what do you recommend?


Author: Philly-D

Husband, father of 7, musician, music producer. Likes peanut butter!

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