3 Things I’m Grateful For

 Life is very different in St Kitts. Now if I was organised, I would have 16 things to be grateful for in 2016, but because I’m not (yet), I’m just going to do 3 (aka 3 Things I Take For Granted in the UK).
1. Running water (which is sometimes hot).

There are a couple of different reasons this one makes the list. Over here, the water sometimes goes off at night and the pressure is variable anyway, which affects whether or not the hot water kicks in! Not every home here has a water supply so standpipes are a regular sight here too.

2. An Internet connection

As someone who uses the Internet every now and then 😊 I’m truly grateful that I can keep up to date with what’s going on in the world and keep in touch with friends. A couple of noticeable differences though. The Internet is SLOW. Currently 2Mbps (but moving up to 6Mbps soon) compared to the 50Mbps I’m used to at home. But hey, give me warm weather and slow internet over cold weather and fast internet any day.

3. Electricity

We had our first power cut recently. No electricity means no wifi, or charging devices, or using a microwave, or having lights. It’s another one of those things that are “just there” ready for you to use whenever you want, so when it’s not there, you really do feel it.

So if you have hot and cold running water, an Internet connection and electricity, recognise that you are blessed!

What are you grateful for?

Oh, and here’s one of my favourite tunes. Grateful (Fanatix Remix) by Dennis Ferrer & Kenny Bobien.


Living off the Land


One of the things that is noticeably different about living in St Kitts is the abundance of food that either grows nearby, or can be supplied by a neighbour (often they just bring things round for you).



So far we’ve had breadfruit, bananas, coconuts, pumpkin, starfruit, breadnuts, yam, oranges, peas and watermelon all for free!



Some veg still has dirt on it, or is shaped strangely, but organic is much more tasty. Coconut water fresh from the coconut is much nicer than anything I’ve bought from the shops.

To be continued…



I was tidying up my blog a little bit and realised that I haven’t posted about our 7th little blessing! I do still blog, just not here very much so follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for breaking news 😁

So our 4th daughter Baby A was born in June 2014. Her name means “made by God” and she’s still the happiest, babbliest baby and flourishing as she is surrounded by love 😍

There’s a new baby in the Mayers house!


Our 6th child, was born last week. A beautiful little girl whose name means “God has answered” and “ray of light”.

Now, while only some know that my wife and I are totally open to family size (it’s in God’s hands!) Baby E was a direct answer to her sister’s prayers.


Our only other daughter (the other 4 are boys) was a little sad and upset with the male to female ratio in the home until one night something happened.

We have prayers and devotion time after our evening meal before everyone goes to bed, but on this occasion, S came back downstairs and prayed with my wife, specifically that she would have a baby, and it would be a girl so she could have a sister.

It wasn’t long after this that the solid blue stripe on the Clearvue test confirmed things and a few months down the line here we are. Another little blessing, an answer to prayer and an awesome birthday gift for me!


I encourage you to let the little ones pray and watch it build their faith and yours. Our 2 year old prays, and even though I can only understand “Aaaaaaaaamen”, God knows what he’s saying.

Coming soon…”Why do we home-educate”