Yes! I make music too, under my real name and also “Secret Place”

Here are some of the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on over the years both producing and playing guitar.

Please support, download, purchase etc!

2013 “Miracle of Hope” Devotion (track 2 production, track 8 co-production)

2013 “Telescopes & White Roses” Triple O (guitar on tracks 1, 8, 12, 13, 14)

2012 “Outside My Bubble” Karl Nova (Side A, track 7, Side B, All tracks)

2011 “Let’s Just Be Friends” Kyra Simone – (Secret Place Soulful House Mix, featured on Soul Unsigned 2011)

2011 “Storyboard” Triple O – Flatline
2011 “I Love You” Niki Carless – Words of Life II (iTunes)

2011 “No One But You” David B (Secret Place Remix) promo

2011 “All in Me” David B (Secret Place Remix) promo

2010 “Don’t Give Up” and “Stop Running” Zeal – The Word Became Flesh

2010 “I Know You’re Here” Tanya McDowell

I Know You’re Here (Tanya Mcdowell)
2009 “Words of Life” Niki Carless (8 of 13 tracks)

2005 “Feels So Good/We’ll Overcome” Lisa Mayers – Maxi Single


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