I was tidying up my blog a little bit and realised that I haven’t posted about our 7th little blessing! I do still blog, just not here very much so follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for breaking news 😁

So our 4th daughter Baby A was born in June 2014. Her name means “made by God” and she’s still the happiest, babbliest baby and flourishing as she is surrounded by love 😍

2013 – The end of the year


This year has been amazing! So many highlights. But the overriding theme has been amazing people.

I live with 7 amazing people, and have an amazing family beyond that.

I work with amazing people.

I go to church and fellowship with amazing people.

I get to interact with amazing people on social networks.

I make music with and for amazing people.

Amazing, really!

[this is a re-titled repost of a previous post but it’s more relevant now then it was then!]

There’s a new baby in the Mayers house!


Our 6th child, was born last week. A beautiful little girl whose name means “God has answered” and “ray of light”.

Now, while only some know that my wife and I are totally open to family size (it’s in God’s hands!) Baby E¬†was a direct answer to her sister’s prayers.


Our only other daughter (the other 4 are boys) was a little sad and upset with the male to female ratio in the home until one night something happened.

We have prayers and devotion time after our evening meal before everyone goes to bed, but on this occasion, S came back downstairs and prayed with my wife, specifically that she would have a baby, and it would be a girl so she could have a sister.

It wasn’t long after this that the solid blue stripe on the Clearvue test confirmed things and a few months down the line here we are. Another little blessing, an answer to prayer and an awesome birthday gift for me!


I encourage you to let the little ones pray and watch it build their faith and yours. Our 2 year old prays, and even though I can only understand “Aaaaaaaaamen”, God knows what he’s saying.

Coming soon…”Why do we home-educate”